Testing M.2 Power Loss Notification

Posted: 19th November 2021

What can you test?

Are you working with the latest features of the Gen4 M.2 spec, do you know what’s been added to the latest spec?

Initial drafts of the Gen4 M.2 were very similar to Gen3, but some new signals have sneaked in. It now includes additional features you may not be aware of.

The latest revision of the Gen4 M.2 Breaker and Gen4 M.2 PAM Fixture allows testing of all the new signals that were added to the standard.  If you are interested in testing drives that support these features, we can arrange an evaluation unit.

If you are developing M.2 drives with the new power loss signals included in the 4th revision of the M.2 specification, then we can help.  Quarch has the tools that you can use to save your engineers time. The Gen4 M.2 PAM fixture allows for real-time monitoring of all low-speed digital sidebands along with the voltage and current on both 3.3V and VIO 1.8V power rails. With this, you can determine if your drive is responding properly to PLN# by powering down and de-asserting PLA_S3#. Additionally, with the Gen4 M.2 Breaker, you can simulate a host system trying to correctly or incorrectly use this mechanism. Or, you could see how your host system behaves when PLA_S3# is asserted low indefinitely.
Gen4 M.2 PAM Fixture
GEN4 M.2 Breaker

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