Who uses Quarch?

Who uses Quarch? Our network of industry partners

Over the years, Quarch have built up a great network of industry partners, including: Test labs – helping product designers test and validate their products Reviewers – testing and comparing the performance of the latest storage devices Test equipment manufacturers provide complementary test products.

The University of New Hampshire’s InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) is the home of the SAS and NVMe Plugfest events. The UNH-IOL plays a critical role in ensuring the quality and interoperability of new storage products. Quarch modules are used at the Plugfests, with Quarch engineers often on hand to assist with testing.

“The support that Quarch is providing to the UNH-IOL and the NVMe Integrators List program is enabling us to implement new types of testing that help prove the reliability and robustness of NVMe. The Quarch Torridon tool allows us to test the hot-plug features that are so important for enterprise SSD implementations.”

David Woolf, Research and Development of Storage and Mobile Technologies, UNH-IOL

Tom’s IT PRO is a major reviewer of storage products. Their test lab uses Quarch Programmable Power Modules as part of the review process for new drives.

“Our search for the one device that measures the power consumption of every type of storage device ends with the Quarch XLC Programmable Power Module… One of the most attractive features of the XLC PPM is its ability to displace multiple pieces of equipment, such as two bench power supplies, two scopes and two current probes, with one small device.”

Paul Alcorn, Tom’s IT PRO

TechPowerUp uses Quarch Programmable Power Modules in their tests.

TechPowerUp is a leading tech publication with a strong focus on technical details and comprehensive benchmarking. 

The products from Quarch are a game-changer for the power measurements in our SSD reviews. Seamlessly incorporated into our custom benchmarks and data processing pipelines, they enable us to produce detailed and relevant results for our readers. We were also impressed by Quarch’s fantastic support team and their openness in sharing communication protocols, which greatly simplified software integration.

Editor-in-Chief, TechPowerUp

Myce are also major reviewers of storage devices; they too use Quarch Power Modules as part of their storage devices review process.

“Myce has now secured a piece of state-of-the-art test equipment, which takes a sample every four micro-seconds, that I will be using to measure the power consumption of consumer grade SSDs and HDDs.  Myce.com, in partnership with Quarch Technology, now aims to bring our readers the most comprehensive, and accurate, power consumption tests ever carried out on consumer grade storage devices, to be found anywhere on the Internet.”

Wendy Robertson, Myce

Major drive reviewer, The SSD Review, also use Quarch Power Modules.

“We came across Quarch Technology at Flash Memory Summit and secured an amazing piece of equipment to use in our future reviews. To show our readers the power consumption of different drives, their XLC Programmable Power Module is quite honestly perfect. The Quarch XLC PPM enables us to easily and accurately analyze and log the power consumption of a device.”

Sean Webster, The SSD Review

Nordic Hardware – the biggest test lab in Sweden – is another user of Quarch Power Modules.

“Our readers need accurate, comprehensive information about the properties of the drives they buy, so we use Quarch’s power modules to test drive power performance for our SSD reviews. Our testing process is much easier – and even more accurate – since we introduced the Quarch modules, making our SSD reviews even more relevant for our readers.”

Gustav Gager, Nordic Hardware

SANBlaze are leading specialists in storage emulation. Their VirtualLUN emulation solution includes automated control over Quarch modules. This allows hot-swap and physical layer fault injection to be easily combined with the rest of the SANBlaze test suite.

“The integration of the SANBlaze Emulation Tools along with the Quarch Signal Margining & Power Measurement Modules allows an easy way to control the test environment. All tests for both SAS & PCIe/NVMe tools can be run through a single GUI or automated through scripts.”

Marc Catanese, Director of Sales, SANBlaze

E8 Storage (now acquired by Amazon) developed a next-generation flash storage architecture that can deliver performance levels dramatically higher than existing products and with a lower TCO. The E8 team has a clear focus on testing and quality, and Quarch products are integrated into their comprehensive automated testing plan.

“E8 is committed to building solutions of the highest quality. Quarch’s unique test tools are a simple and effective way to help test our new products.”

Ziv Serlin, Director of Systems Architecture, E8 Storage

SerialTek LLC has been a provider of innovative data storage test tools and solutions since 2007. Many leading storage manufacturers depend on SerialTek analyzers to improve product quality and fulfill time-to-market requirements.

“The Quarch testing solutions have allowed us to quickly improve our test coverage and free up resources for other projects. With the simple scripting language and ease of system control, we are now capable of injecting power faults and measurements that were previously unavailable to our automated testing system. Thanks to the Quarch products, we have increased our test coverage, removed manual tests, and feel more confident in our products’ designs and abilities.”

As part of the Symbiosys alliance, Quarch power analysis is now directly integrated into the latest OCP interposer from SerialTek

Greg Brown, Director of Software Engineering, SerialTek LLC

Xyratex, later bought by Seagate, was one of Quarch’s first customers – and a key partner in the adoption of Quarch products as an industry standard for hot-swap testing.

“The Quarch Torridon systems are helping us maintain our world-leading reputation for quality. The automation of our hot-swap testing is being used in our Design Verification Testing (DVT).”

Paul Gregory, Development Test, Xyratex

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