Cable Tester

Time-saving, compact, accurate: This is the Quarch Cable Tester

Unresolved connection errors cause delays. Delays cost money. With this powerful device you can reduce the impact of troubleshooting. From a single cable to a full batch, it’s now easier than ever to screen your cables for connectivity issues or faults. 

Just how do you determine what’s caused a connection error? Is it the hardware, software or the cable? There is no easy way of knowing – nor being sure of whether a replacement cable works properly – without manual debugging (which is tedious). So, true to our nature at Quarch, we’ve automated it. 



The Quarch Cable Tester is ideal for:

  • Fast quality and functionality checks
  • Screening suspect/unknown cables before use
  • Isolating – or ruling out – connection issues quickly 
  • Generating reports that can be archived for quality control

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