PCIe 4.0 / SAS 4.0 Cable Tester

PCIe 4.0 / SAS 4.0 Cable Tester

Part Number: QTL2250

Product Details

Unresolved connection errors cause delays. Delays cost money. With this powerful device, you can reduce the impact of troubleshooting. From a single cable to a full batch, it’s now easier than ever to screen your cables for connectivity issues or faults. 

Easy to use and with a comprehensive set of reporting capabilities, the Cable Tester allows the kind of pre-emptive checks that will minimise debugging time and accelerate quality screening.

This version supports MiniSAS HD and External PCIe standards.

The Quarch Cable Tester is ideal for:

  • Fast quality and cable functionality checks
  • Screening suspect/unknown cables before use
  • Isolating – or ruling out – connection issues quickly 
  • Comparing quality between batches and suppliers

Partner and Reseller 


  • Supports SAS and PCIe cables up to Gen4 speeds
  • Perform simple automated tests
  • Get detailed results, eye diagrams and reports via the Cable Tester application
  • Simple automation API for advanced manual controls


  • Cable present and EEPROM present detection
  • High-speed link mapping (cross-over detection)
  • Link training
  • Eye height and full synthetic eye-scan options
  • EEPROM decoding
  • Real-time BERT
  • Data rates up to 24Gb/s
  • Supports SAS and PCIe SFF-8644 cables

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