Product Warranty

Parts Warranty

All Quarch products carry a limited hardware warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment. During this period Quarch will repair or replace at no charge, products or parts of a product that prove to be defective in material or due to workmanship.


Software Warranty

Quarch branded firmware and software is warranted to substantially conform to its published specifications. Quarch will support its Software and Firmware with bug fixes for at least 3 years from the product purchase date. In addition, when bug fixes are released for any customer, this will be made available to all customers regardless of the product age.


Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not apply to any costs, repair, or services for the following:

  • External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, or problems with electrical power.
  • Failure to store or transport products in an appropriate fashion to prevent physical or static damage
  • Servicing not authorized by Quarch.
  • Usage that is not accordance to the product instructions.
  • Failure to perform preventive maintenance
  • Problems caused by accessories, parts, or components not authorised or not supplied by Quarch.
  • Software or Firmware that has been modified from its original released version.



After the 12 months hardware warranty period, Quarch can normally repair the products at a minimal cost which will be calculated as shipment costs plus the cost of any replacement parts and labour required. This is entirely at discretion of Quarch Technology.



Please contact, describing the fault you have and the serial number(s) of the modules affected. Quarch will then issue and RMA number. If the items are under warranty, Quarch will also supply a Fedex account number to charge for the return of the goods.
All items returned must be securely packaged with appropriate protection against physical and static damage.
Commercial invoices must declare the correct value for all items, and must declare than as ‘temporary return for repair’.

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