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USB Drivers

USB and the Torridon Interface Kit

Troubleshooting with the Torridon Interface Kit

Linux permissions

USB compatibility with Quarch tools includes:

  • Direct USB communication to a wide range of modules with native USB support
  • Our USB to Serial converter which allows Torridon breaker modules to be controlled via a virtual COM port

USB Drivers

Download our Quarch USB drivers:

For all standard Torridon products. This driver is required for any window USB function: QPS, QIS, TestMonkey, Torridon Updater Torridon Terminal and Python automation.

Torridon USB drivers are available for most operating systems:

Windows XP/7,

Windows 8/10/11

A legacy driver if you’re having trouble installing recent versions

A Chinese language compatible driver

Get the FTDI USB-Serial driver for the QTL1260 Interface Kit.  Other versions of the FTDI VCOM driver can be downloaded from the FTDI website.

Using USB or USB-Serial with the QTL1260 Interface Kit


  • Mode button ‘OUT’
  • Connect USB cable

Note: NOT supported by all modules.
Requires Quarch or libUSB driver


  • Mode button ‘IN’
  • Connect USB cable

Creates a virtual COM port. Ideal for PCs that do not have native serial ports.
Requires the FTDI USB Driver


Only ONE connection mode can be in active use at a time

Connecting via USB will cause the Serial port to be disabled

With the mode button IN, serial and standard USB will not work

Read more in our Interface Kit Quickstart Guide

Troubleshooting USB with QTL1260 Interface Kit

Module does not communicate:

1) Check power supply is connected and power LED is green

2) Check Pin 1 marks are aligned

3) Check Serial/USB cable is connected

4) Check the MODE Button is set correctly

USB does not work:

1) Check the MODE Button is set correctly

2) Not all modules support direct USB control. ‘Lite’ modules will never show up in the USB tab of TestMonkey/Torridon Terminal, they are Serial only

3) In USB-Serial modue (Button pushed in), a virtual COM port is created on the PC. If this mode, you must connect using a Serial connection, NOT a USB connection.

Linux Permissions

Linux systems require administrative rights to run python scripts for modules connected via USB. You can do that by running your script as root (sudo command) or changing the default USB permissions. This is done by creating a text file called Quarch-permissions-usb.rules

For ubuntu systems, you need to enter into that file:

SUBSYSTEM == “usb”, ATTRS{idVendor}==”16d0”, MODE=”0666”

SUBSYSTEM == “usb_device”, ATTRS{idVendor}==”16d0”, MODE=”0666”

For Centos systems, you need:

SUBSYSTEM == “usb”, ATTRS{idVendor}==”16d0”, GROUP=”users”, MODE=”0666”

SUBSYSTEM == “usb_device”, ATTRS{idVendor}==”16d0”, GROUP=”users”, MODE=”0666”

This file needs to be placed in /etc/udev/rules.d

Finally, the system either needs to be restarted or run the commands:

sudo udevadm control –reload

sudo udevadm trigger

Then reconnect the USB device.

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