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Digital transformation is sweeping the automotive industry at an unprecedented pace. Engineers face new challenges as high-speed data communications, power electronics, and battery technology enable safer, more efficient vehicles. To meet today’s challenges and those yet to come, Quarch provides automotive testing solutions.

A versatile tool from Quarch, a standalone fault injection and monitoring device for testing critical communication links in the automotive industry and beyond. It can support many communication links from CAN to 1000Base T1 Ethernet.
Automotive Multi-Protocol Breaker
Quarch power analysis solutions span from the measurement of low-power DC electronics to 3-phase AC charging. All are backed by our extensive automation framework and powerful analysis software.
Automotive Power Analysis
Power Studio supports the capture and visualisation of data over hours or days. Add annotations, additional custom data channels and calculate statistics. Our simple automation API allows you to test 24/7 without manual intervention.
Quarch Power Studio

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