Hot Swap and Fault Injection

Industry-standard fault testing without the complexity

In systems like data storage, telecommunications, networking, or AI in autonomous vehicles or aviation, testing for robust communication is critical.

Quarch Technology’s Torridon system can be scaled to cover every testing requirement—from a single device in early R&D, to 1000+ drives in a huge array along with all its supporting cable interconnects.

Run thousands of device power cycles without manual intervention. Perform repeatable industry-standard tests, with highly accurate timing, and simulate physical layer faults for validation testing.

✔ Used by most major companies working on SSD design, Communications silicon, Telecomms interfacing and more

✔ Part of mandatory testing schedule for NVMe drives at the UNH-IOL Plugfests, to prove the reliability and robustness of NVMe

✔ Support for the latest generation interfaces, including PCIe Gen4 and Gen5, plus 100G LAN over QSFP28.

✔ Support for PCIe, NVMe, CXL and OCP devices

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