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With our powerful software tools, you can visualise huge power traces, automate large test plans and much more.  Our primary tools include:

✔  Quarch Compliance Suite (QCS)

Automated suite for running tests on data storage devices.  This gives you access to years of Quarch testing experience in minutes

✔  Quarch Power Studio (QPS) 

Record long traces from our range of PPM and PAM instruments and view every detail of the performance of your device.  Power consumption is the main use case, but we can also display custom data and capture digital sidebands from supporting devices.

✔ Quarchpy Python library

Compatible with Python 2 and 3, this gives you full control over Quarch products and also automation of other software such as QPS

✔ Quarch Instrument Server (QIS)

The power behind QPS, this server app is also provided as part of Quarchpy and allows you to capture raw power data easily without the need to run the QPS visual application.

✔ Cable Test Suite (CTS)

CTS runs our cable tester products and provides rapid feedback on cable performance and detailed PDF reports.

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