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About Quarch

Since 2006 we’ve been building automated test solutions for the data storage, networking, telecoms industries and beyond. Based in the Scottish Highlands, we support businesses of all sizes from all corners of the globe.

Every Quarch product is designed, built and serviced in-house by our award-winning team of developers, engineers and technicians. 

With innovation at the core of what we do and nearly 18 years of experience in the industry, we always strive to stay at the forefront of new developments, so we can provide up-to-the-minute solutions and exceptional customer support.

Our core expertise includes:

Power analysis:  Everything from small electronic devices, to 3-phase AC EV chargers.

High speed communications: SSDs, PCIe, NVMe, CXL, OCP, AI and much more.  We offer industry leading test automation tools to prove the qualify of your product


Quarch team

"I set up Quarch to eliminate the problems of manual testing—its unreliability and its high cost in terms of time and money. My ultimate aim was to produce smart tools that automated the testing process, making it reliable, repeatable and fast. We’ve created a broad range of tools that allow you to test your products in ways that just weren’t practical with manual testing."

Mike Dearman

Founder and CEO

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