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Privacy and general policy

Quarch stores minimal information on our customers, generally this is only that required to provide the services/products you request and on an op-in basis

If you want to request a copy of your information, or would like to correct any errors, please email


Website Accounts

If you log in to our website, or otherwise enter your details; we will hold your name, email address, company name, country and list of any product you have tagged. We use this information to allow secure login to the site and to respond appropriately if you contact us.  We may also use email to contact you directly if we can see you have a clear interest in a particular product and have signed up to our email list. As with all modern sites, we use cookies to track users and to remember who you are, so you don’t have to log in again for every file download. You can block this within your browser if you wish, though some features on the site may not work fully. You may edit your details or cancel your account at any time via the site. You can also contact at any time if you have problems or questions.

We use standard google-analytics and google-remarketing scripts on our webpage. This allows us to see how users find our site, and to target adverts towards people who have shown a genuine interest in our products. You can opt-out of our targeted google ads by altering your browser privacy settings, or changing your settings with google at:



If you are signed up to receive our emails, we will continue to send them to you. You can remove yourself from the list at any time using the subscribe checkbox in your account settings or the unsubscribe link in the email. We use Analytics to track which recipients follow links to our website. We may use this information to contact you directly if you show clear interest in a product. You can also contact if you wish us to remove you from the newsletter mailing list.



We do not host 3rd party adverts or code beyond the basic analytics as described in the website section.



As a customer, we will record your contact details, shipment details and other order information on a long term basis for audit and warranty purposes.

We normally accept orders by PO, with payments taken through BACS. If you require to pay by credit card, we can supply this facility through PayPal which will record additional details. We will not hold any of your credit card details after the payment has been made.


Email and support

If you email us or use our support system, we will keep your contact details and communication content as part of our long term record for audit and compliance purposes as well as to assist in future support cases.

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