Automated test for USB devices and hosts

With our powerful tools, you can increase both your test coverage and level of automation.  Find faults earlier in the design process and reduce manual testing.

✔  USB Switches

Our USB switch attaches to a single host and up to 8 devices at USB 3.0 speeds. Power USB2 and USB3 signals are all switched and can be individually disabled. This allows for faster device testing.  From audio to automotive to robotics and beyond, this product range brings benefit to many leading companies.

✔  USB Breakers

Breakers automate hot-plug, lane break, physical layer fault injection, pin-bounce and more more.  USB3 and USB-C versions are available and vastly increase the range of tests available.  Our breaker range is used across a huge range of Tier-1 technology design companies.

✔  USB Power Analysis

Using a Programmable Power Module, you can test voltage tolerance of USB devices, run ramp, glitch and power loss tests.  All of this while capturing long term traces at high resolution power traces.

✔  Automation

With simple automation from our Python package, you can get started in minutes.  Direct Serial and LAN options are also available if you want to access the devices from other languages or automation systems.

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