USB Type-C Cable Module

USB Type-C Cable Module

Part Number: QTL1971

Product Details

Perform automated cable hot-swap and fault injection on USB Type-C cables with Quarch’s USB Type-C Cable Module.

This USB cable-pull module is an automated solution for hot-swap testing and fault injection on USB Type-C cables. Automation provides easier, faster and more detailed testing. Consistent, repeatable results reduce time-to-market and improve reliability.

The module can be easily integrated into your existing test setup or used separately as a manual or fully-automated bench test.

This module requires purchase of a separate controller.


  • Automated hot-swap of Type-C cables
  • Create hard faults in data and VBUS connections
  • Simulate intermittent faults
  • Improve test coverage while decreasing duration
  • Ideal for bench testing, debugging and evaluation.


  • 1ms timing resolution on all switches
  • 10us pin-bounce resolution on all switches
  • 50ns PRBS or user-sequenced glitch pulses on all lines
  • Supports Low Speed, Full Speed, High Speed, Super Speed and Super Speed Plus
  • Requires Torridon Array Controller or Interface Kit
  • l=84.0mm, w=63.5mm, h=30.0mm
  • Up to four units can be rack-mounted in 1U, with separate kit.

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