Torridon Interface Kit

Torridon Interface Kit

Part Number: QTL1260

Product Details

Interface Kits provide simple USB and Serial connection options for any Quarch module that uses the standard 8-Pin Torridon connector

The Torridon Interface Kit integrates a Torridon Control Module into a test system by providing USB and Serial interfaces. The module can be controlled using a standard PC or other equipment such as a terminal server. The serial connections are ideal for script based testing while a USB connection can be used with the Testmonkey Control Suite to graphically control the module.

The Interface Kit provides direct USB connection (where the module supports it), DB-9 Serial connection and a USB virtual COM port for PCs without a native serial port. The Kit is ideal for a small bench test setup.

The Kit contains the interface module, multi-region power supply, 2 meter USB cable and 3 meter DB-9 Serial Cable.


  • Interface with a Torridon Module using a USB or Serial port
  • Use a standard PC or Terminal server to control a single Torridon Control Module
  • Supports all ‘Torridon’ Modules


  • 12V DC supply
  • RJ-45 Connection (RS-232-D) for Serial control of a module (with supplied cable)
  • Direct USB to the Torridon Module (Requires a compatible Module)
  • USB virtual COM port for serial control of a Module
  • Compatible with any standard Torridon Control Module

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