Quarch Instrument Server

Quarch Instrument Server

Part Number: QIS

Product Details

QIS (Quarch Instrument Server) allows you to easily automate one or more Quarch Power Modules

QIS is a simple Java server app. It can run on Windows and Linux systems (including non GUI systems).

QIS hides the complexity of locating and communicating with Power Modules. No drivers or additional installation is required. QIS also buffers the large amounts of data received when ‘streaming’ from the device, making it easy for a Python or similar script to handle.

All communication with QIS is via a simple network socket, so it is simple to automate from local or remote locations. Python example scripts are available


No additional drivers required
Control all XLC and HD power modules
Local and remote control
Buffer streaming data, for simplified processing
Control multiple power modules at the same time


Java based server application
Cross platform support (windows/linux)
TCP socket based control

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