XLC Programmable Power Module

XLC Programmable Power Module

Part Number: QTL1847 / QTL1824

Product Details

Fully programmable power supply and measurement tool with 12V, and 5V or 3V3 outputs.

XLC (eXtra Low Current) are accurate down to 100uA, ideal for measuring drive standby modes.

This module can perform full power margining from 0V to Nominal +20%, with complex voltage ramps, glitches and more.

250KHz sampling allows capture of accurate Voltage, Current and Power data. Replace your bench power supplies, scope and current probes with this powerful and cost effective alternative.

The XLC module can perform accurate current measurement at below 100uA, and has 8Mbit of memory buffer. A mode switch allows use with both 5V SAS and 3V3 PCIe devices.



This XLC Power Module is a flexible power margining and measurement tool. This version has 12V and 5V (switchable to 3V3) outputs and is ideal for SAS, SATA and PCIe based devices. Each rail can be programmed from 0 to 120% of its nominal voltage. The voltage and current of each output can be simultaneously recorded to provide accurate power consumption measurement.

The module allows programming of arbitrary voltage output waveforms which can be used to simulate power-up ramps, power failures, noisy power sources, and much more. Patterns can be created over a range of microseconds to minutes, allowing a wide range of testing options.

A high speed record feature provides an oscilloscope like function to record the output voltage, current, and power consumption of the attached device.

A range of Injection Fixtures allow the module to inject power into a variety of devices.

The QTL1824 version of the module includes external triggering, ideal for co-ordinating with an external analyser

  • Dual output
  • Programmable output waveforms
  • Flexible power margining
  • High speed measurement and recording
  • Easy measurement of voltage, current, and power
  • Simultaneous sampling of voltage and current on both outputs
  • Accurate power consumption measurement
  • External triggering option available
  • Simple test automation from any standard scripting language


  • 0-6V and 0-14.4V outputs
  • 3A continuous output current at nominal voltage
  • 1uS pattern step resolution
  • 0.6V/uS output slew rate (no load)
  • 250kSps measurement sampling rate
  • ± (2 mA + 1%) @ 1 – 3000mA accuracy
  • ± (2 uA + 2%) @ 100uA – 1mA accuracy
  • Optional Power Injection Fixture for use with enclosed drives
  • Torridon cable to connect to Array Controller or Interface Kit
  • USB control direct from TestMonkey
  • 2x SMA triggering connectors


QTL1847 – Basic Version

The standard version of the module

QTL1824 – Triggering Version

This version includes SMA trigger IN/OUT connections, to link to external test equipment, such as an analyser. This allows you to begin power disruptions or measurement at a precise time within the data stream. Similarly, you could trigger the analyser to record based on a signal from the Power Module; Such as the power consumption passing a set threshold.

Triggering Version

  • 2x SMA triggering connectors
  • 3.3 Volt trigger
  • Start/stop pattern on external trigger
  • Start/stop measurement on external trigger
  • Trigger out on power/current threshold
  • Trigger out on pattern start
  • Trigger out on measurement start

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