Quarch Power Studio

Quarch Power Studio

Part Number: QPS

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QPS (Quarch Power Studio) allows you to view and capture power data over extended periods of time, and easily analyze the power performance of a storage device.

Quarch Power Studio (QPS) is a unique and powerful system for capturing and analysing power data from storage devices. Now you can record data for an unlimited time, then easily navigate through it, zooming in to the smallest details. QPS works all power analysis ranges Quarch (PPM, PAM and even older XLC PPMs), and can handle multi-gigabyte traces from long term captures. The software is built on the Quarch Instrument Server (QIS) platform.



  • Record any length of power trace
  • High resolution capture for detailed analysis
  • Annotate traces
  • Export screenshots and trace sections
  • Measure detailed features and view area statistics.


  • Java based application
  • Built on Quarch Instrument Server (QIS)
  • Handles multi-gigabyte files
  • No additional drivers needed.

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