Power Analysis Module

Power Analysis Module

Part Number: QTL2312

Product Details

A revolutionary and accurate way to analyse power and control in a specific environment, the Power Analysis Module (PAM) shows you the real-world interaction between your host system and the device under test. 

Supporting a wider range of devices and measuring a greater number of rails than ever before. The PAM operates in a real-world environment, measuring the power supplied from your host system to the device under test. Through its plug-and-play interposer, it offers a true and accurate measurement of the entire system interaction. 

Quarch Power Analysis Module named winner of Most Innovative Sustainability Technology at Flash Memory Summit 2022

The PAM is the main control unit and requires an additional fixture for each interface you wish to instrument. Connect these via a provided cable, with 1, 2 and 3 metre options available.

This is especially useful when you need to identify a bug in your system or product. The PAM does this by taking accurate measurements of voltage, current, power and sideband assertion.

Problematic scenarios can then be recreated using our Programmable Power Module (PPM) or Torridon Breakers.

The PAM and PPM include a range of overlapping features and are controlled in the same way, with the same software.  Each product has additional specialist features, depending on the issues you are trying to test for.

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  • Power is supplied from the host as normal, through the PAM’s interposer
  • Measures voltage/current/power consumption on all power rails
  • Sideband monitoring for selected sideband signals
  • Supports a wider range of interfaces and devices than ever before, including higher current and voltage levels
  • Smaller form factor for easier deployment


  • USB-B and 100Base-T LAN ports for control
  • USB-C for connection to measurement fixture
  • Low power 12v DC supply
  • Compatible with QPS, QIS and quarchpy

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