Programmable Power Modules

Performance capture has never been easier

Run drive workload simulations lasting for hours or even days. Capture realistic, precise data about the performance of your drives. Test reliability early in the design process—when changes cost less.

Does your drive meet the power spec? Can it handle power glitches and disruption, and beat the competition? Be sure with a PPM.
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Control your power module using our free Power Studio software, or use scripting based on our useful script examples.
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Ultra-simple set-up. No more hassle trying to clamp current probes in awkward places. Wide choice of set-up options.
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Use your PPM to run unsupervised tests using simple automation and get reliable data faster than ever before.
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Quarch PPMs at a glance

Tech overview

  • Programmable output waveforms
  • High-speed measurement and recording
  • Easy measurement of voltage, current, and power
  • Simultaneous sampling of voltage and current on dual outputs
  • Accurate power consumption measurement
  • External triggering option

Product variants

  • XLC (eXtra Low Current) PPM—accurate down to 100uA, ideal for measuring drive standby modes.
  • HD PPM—all the power of the XLC, plus eight times the memory depth and remote control via LAN.
  • Multi-port, rack-mounted HD PPM for simultaneous multi-device testing.

Cost benefits

  • Costs a fraction of the price of the traditional scope plus probes setup.
  • Simple automation makes running unattended or overnight tests easy, saving valuable engineer time.
  • Solve problems early in the design phase, instead of later in the development process, when the cost of correcting problems increases dramatically.

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