Gen4 M.2 PAM Fixture

Gen4 M.2 PAM Fixture

Part Number: QTL2573

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Power Analysis Module Fixtures (PAM Fixtures) are calibrated measurement devices with digital sideband capture.  The Gen4 M.2 PAM Fixture was developed and used for a detailed investigation of the interaction between the host and device, under test.

On all power rails, precise voltage and current measurements are taken. Selected sidebands have digital capture, giving a full picture of host/device interaction.

As with our HD range ‘Programmable Power Modules’, the PAM fixtures provides high-resolution measurement, for almost unlimited periods of recording.

This fixture requires a PAM controller to operate.


  • Capture long,  high-resolution power traces
  • Diagnose issues with power up timings
  • Test power performance
  • Power cycle the device


  • Supports M.2 devices at up to Gen4 speeds
  • Measure Voltage/Current/Power on 12v and 3v3 rails
  • Monitor 12 critical sideband lines including PERST and WAKE
  • 250KHz base sampling rate with hardware averaging up to 32k samples

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