Gen4 M.2 PAM Fixture

Gen4 M.2 PAM Fixture

Part Number: QTL2573

Product Details

The Gen4 M.2 PAM Fixture allows a user to perform detailed investigation of the interaction between the host and device, under test. Power Analysis Module Fixtures (PAM Fixtures) are calibrated measurement devices with digital sideband capture.

Precise voltage and current measurements are taken on all power rails. Digital capture is available on selected sidebands, providing a complete picture of host/device interaction.

As with our HD range ‘Programmable Power Modules‘, the PAM fixtures provide high-resolution measurement, for almost unlimited periods of recording.




  • Capture long,  high-resolution power traces
  • Diagnose issues with power-up timings
  • Test power performance
  • Power cycle the device


  • Supports M.2 devices at up to Gen4 speeds
  • M.2 M-Key form factor
  • Supports PCIe and SATA devices that fit in M-Key slots
  • Measure Voltage/Current/Power on 12v and 3v3 rails
  • Monitor 12 critical sideband lines including PERST and WAKE
  • 250KHz base sampling rate with hardware averaging up to 32k samples

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