3-phase mains Power Analysis Module

3-phase mains Power Analysis Module

Part Number: QTL2582, QTL2751, QTL2789

Product Details

The 3-phase mains Power Analysis Module (PAM) is a significant step up from its predecessor. You can now scale up and analyse the power consumption of your entire rack using the same analysis tools and scripts you use for a single SSD.

Supporting three-phase power supplies up to 63A, this device allows you to run power and performance testing on large installations. Optimising workloads to conserve power and reduce heat generation is critical in today’s data centres. Significant cost savings over the life of the equipment.

The module comes with support from our standard toolkit and automation examples, enabling you to kickstart your work immediately. Long-term, high-resolution traces can easily be captured and analysed.

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Understanding and solving problems requires data, and this is where the 3-phase AC PAM (Power Analysis Module) comes in.


  • Measure 3-phase supplies
  • Monitor voltage, current and power
  • Capture data in Power Studio or direct to your own files
  • Powerful automation option for capture and analysis


  • Support up to 400v AC
  • 16, 32 and 63 Amp versions available
  • PoE powered
  • USB and LAN connectivity
  • 8KHz sampling rate



16A version


63A version


32A version

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