12 Port HD Switch Rack Panel

12 Port HD Switch Rack Panel

Part Number: QTL1643

Product Details

Allows up to 2 QTL1564 Switches to be rack mounted in 1U

This simple rack panel takes up 1U of a standard 19″ rack. It allows up to 2 QTL1564 (12 port miniSAS HD Switch) modules to be mounted, holding them firmly in place.

The panel can be populated by Quarch, or ordered and fitted separately by the customer (requires a T10 driver).


  • Allows switches to be rack mounted
  • Prevents heavy cables from moving the modules
  • Keeps your test rack tidy and robust
  • Fits in 1U


  • Fits 1U 19″ standard racks
  • Requires assembly with T10 bit if ordered separately

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