Gen5 M.2 M-Key Horizontal Breaker Module

Gen5 M.2 M-Key Horizontal Breaker Module

Part Number: QTL2901 / QTL2902

Product Details

The Gen5 M.2 M-Key Horizontal Breaker Module is ideal for testing both consumer-grade and enterprise-grade SSDs. This module allows hot-swap, lane configuration, fault injection, and signal driving for Gen5 M.2 M-Key drives.

Fitting into a standard M.2 M-Key slot, this module allows advanced, repeatable testing of Gen5 M.2 devices.

Controlled from the TestMonkey GUI or any standard scripting language, the module is simple to integrate into your test plan.

The horizontal orientation differs from the Gen4 version due to connector availability and the desire to reduce the vertical height.  The module should fit almost any standard M.2 slot, with the drive sitting horizontally and slightly offset.

With full control over every active pin, you can perform:

  • Full hot-swap control of the attached card
  • Individual control of all lanes, sidebands, and power pins
  • Glitching of any signals
  • Active driving of selected sideband signals.

This module comes with a 40cm flexible interface cable and requires a separately purchased controller.




  • Independent control of every signal, including each side of differential pairs
  • Programmable control over connection timing and pin bounce
  • Provides active driving of DEVSLEEP, PERST and PEWAKE, PEDET and CLKREQ signals.
  • Driving of PLN, PLA, PWRDIS and VIO_CFG


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