Quarch Technology expands its Power Analysis range with new fixtures for SSDs and Cable Harnesses

Andy Norrie

Posted: 2nd September 2021



Quarch Technology expands its power analysis range. Two new fixtures have been announced for Quarch Technology’s Power Analysis System to support SFF HDD and SSD Form Factors and cable harnesses

Quarch Technology has announced two new fixtures to expand its range of advanced Power Analysis Modules. An SFF fixture supports SATA, SAS, U.2 and U.3 SSDs, and HDDS. This enables plug-and-play analysis of the latest NVMe SSDs and older SAS and SATA devices. The fixture is significantly smaller and easier to use than a traditional scope or power analyzer, yet it gives highly accurate calibrated power readings.


Gen4 SFF Drive PAM Fixture


Gen4 SFF Drive PAM Fixture

The Quarch Power Studio application allows you to capture many hours of high-resolution data. Coupled with Quarch Compliance Suite users can easily generate complex Power VS Performance reports.

In addition to power measurement, PAM fixtures capture digital sideband signals such as PERST. This gives useful insight into the behaviour of the system, especially during complex events, such as power-up.

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The 2-channel Power Analysis Fixture

Our fixture provides 2 high-resolution analog and 16 digital channels. The pluggable screw terminals provide a simple and flexible method of connecting into a wiring loom.

The 2-channel fixture is ideal for engineers who work with prototype boards or unusual form factors because it allows full power analysis and sideband capture. With this feature, much more data will be available early, which will assist with debugging and optimization.

Quarch Technology 2 Channel PAM fixture

Our goal is to provide simple and cost-effective access to power and sideband capture for any engineer. The ability to see exactly what your product is doing is vital for development, and these tools provide an order of magnitude more data than is available to the average engineer.”

Quarch Technical Director, Andy Norrie


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