Automotive Multi-Protocol Breaker

Automotive Multi-Protocol Breaker

Part Number: QTL2602

Product Details

The Automotive Multi-Protocol Breaker is a versatile tool from Quarch, a standalone fault injection and monitoring device for testing critical communication links in the automotive industry and beyond.

Using simple pluggable terminal blocks, the breaker connects to a wiring loom.  It can support many communication links, from RS-232 to 1000Base T1 Ethernet.

When in place, we can create physical layer interruptions from short data glitches to permanent failures.  This allows our customers to prove that their links are fault-tolerant and appropriately redundant.

Power and four data lines are supported. In addition to fault injection, we can also monitor the signals in real-time. Plus, record them for later analysis.

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  • Connect into a wiring loom with a power rail and up to 4 data lines.
  • Inject physical later events and faults including hot-plug, pin-bounce, glitch and link failure
  • Real-time monitoring of bus transitions and capture using Power Studio or python script

Technical Specifications

  • Power rail switching: Up to 25 Volt, 8 Amp
  • Data switching: -15V to +15V, 30mA
  • 1 power rail, 4 data lanes, 1 ground
  • External trigger ports for timed events
  • Compatible with Quarch Power Studio for long term capture of digital signals at 250KHz
  • Power from 12v or PoE
  • Control via USB or LAN

Supported Protocols

  • USB-2
  • RS-232
  • RS-422
  • RS-485
  • I2C
  • 100Base-T1
  • 1000Base-T1

Note: Other protocols may also be supported that are not listed, if signal range is between -15V and 15V with a bandwidth of less than 460Mhz.

Note: These protocols are supported for switching by the module, but monitoring resolution is currently limited to 250KHz so higher speeds will not be fully captured.

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