Multi Channel Power Analysis

Mixed signal capture for almost any device

Customer scope image

Avoid messing with scope probes and current clamps.  The multi channel power analysis and measurement range from Quarch can capture power rails and digital signals from a huge range of devices.

Supporting 2-4 analog channels and 16 digital channels, you can capture power rails along with a wide range of digital signals for a vastly better understanding of what your device is doing.

The pluggable screw terminal fixture allows for rapid setup and can be connected in to existing wiring looms.

An ‘external shunt’ version even allows you to connect into existing shunt resistors on development boards.

Our powerful software and automation options ensure you can visualise and post-process data to best effect

✔ Record for hours or days

✔ Smaller form factor for easy deployment

✔ Simple ‘no probe’ setup

✔ Mixed signal capture (analog + digital)

✔ Powerful software and automation options


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