External-Shunt PAM Fixture

External-Shunt PAM Fixture

Part Number: QTL2628

Product Details

There is often a need to probe voltage rails internal to a design. If the rail is internal to the design, there is no easy way to probe it without major modification to the board. The External-Shunt PAM fixture supports up to 4 current shunts at the same time. With a wide range of compatible shunt values.  Along with 16 digital channels, you can analyse your design with our industry-leading software and powerful automation tools.

R&D prototypes can easily place a zero-ohm resistor in the required power rails.  Debugging then becomes easy: Replace the zero-ohm resistor with a shunt resistor and the current can be calculated from the voltage drop across the resistor.

Power Analysis Module Fixtures (PAM Fixtures) are calibrated measurement devices with digital sideband capture.  Developed and used for detailed investigation of the interaction between the host and device under test.

This fixture can only be used with a Power Analysis Module.


  • Capture long,  high-resolution power traces
  • Diagnose issues with power up timings
  • Test power performance
  • Capture digital traces
  • Connect easily to embedded shunts resistors


  • 4 power rails, captured from almost any embedded shunt resistor
  • 16 digital rails from 1.8v to 5v
  • 250KHz base sampling rate for analog
  • 1 MHz base sampling for digitals
  • Simple pluggable terminal blocks for fast connection

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