Boost your testing with the IEC AC Power Analysis Module

Boost your testing with the IEC AC Power Analysis Module

Part Number: QTL2843

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Introducing AC Power Analysis

AC power analysis is critical for understanding and optimizing the power consumption of a huge range of devices.  As more green energy standards come in and power prices rise, the requirements for testing will only increase.

From a home PC to an enterprise server, or from a phone charger to a washing machine.  We can analyse virtually any common mains or AC-powered device.

Setup in seconds without fully plug-and-play cabling.  No current clamps, probes, or fixed wiring are needed.  This makes our solution far more approachable for the average user and allows a wide range of users to capture the data they need.

The device supports all major US/EU/ROW voltages and frequencies, giving you a single tool that can work for a very wide range of testing purposes.  Along with basic voltage/current/power, we can display phase, frequency, power factor, THD, and much more.  With simple access to the raw data, you can quickly run your own post-processing actions to calculate your own custom metrics.


Capture more data than the competition

Capture high-resolution traces for hours or even days with our powerful application suite . This is a vast step up from the average power analysis device, most of which have far more limited capture ranges.  Our unique visualisation tools allow you to quickly see the trends of the data while still having access to the smallest details.

Our simple automation options (including Python examples) allow you to run power analysis tests 24/7.  Capturing data with an automatic process greatly boosts your team’s performance, as you can spend your time analysing the results and improving the product rather than wasting time on manual  test processes.

  • Power analysis for AC devices
  • Power analysis

Why trust Quarch Tools?

The Quarch AC power analysis range builds on our very successful range of tools for the analysis of data storage devices (SSDs and HDDs).  This range has been available for almost 10 years and has a very good reputation with our customers.  Quarch products are widely seen as the industry standard when it comes to storage power testing, and they are used across almost all of the ‘Tier one’ data storage companies.

Now we are bringing our long experience and unique technology to a much wider market.  From a PC manufacturer wanting to meet the Energy Star requirements to a R&D lab looking to understand the power factor of their device, we can help.

“The Quarch QTL2843 IEC Mains Power Analysis Module allows for extreme visibility into the power consumption of just about any Ac-powered device. In the context of our lab, that means we can look at a range of devices from workstations to servers, to get a more precise view of not just overall power consumption, but the impact of key devices like GPUs and accelerator cards, under load.” – Bobby Beeler, Storage Review.  Product Review

When it comes to saving energy and improving the efficiency of products, energy data is key.  Quarch tools can provide you with vastly more data in an easy-to-understand form.

We offer evaluation units, a high level of direct support, and a high-quality warranty service that includes low-cost repairs even after the warranty period has expired.  Get in touch today if you have any questions!



  • Measure up to 3 AC/Mains devices
  • Monitor voltage, current and power, phase, frequency, power factor and more
  • Analyse data in Power Studio or direct to your own application
  • Powerful automation option for capture and analysis
  • Long term recording over hours or days


  • Support up to 400v AC
  • Supports 40-60Hz (and beyond)
  • Fused at 10 Amps
  • PoE powered or via 12v PSU
  • USB and LAN connectivity
  • 8KHz sampling rate
  • Fully calibrated



Standard Version – $3995 USD

Includes full access to all software and automation libraries

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