IEC Mains Power Analysis Module

IEC Mains Power Analysis Module

Part Number: QTL2843

Product Details

Measurement at the device level is only part of the picture.  Step up to AC mains voltages and analyse the consumption of just about any device: the IEC Mains Power Analysis module.

From a home PC to an enterprise server, or from a phone charger to a washing machine.  We can analyse virtually any common mains/AC powered device.

Setup in seconds with out fully plug-and-play cabling.  No current clamps, probes or fixed wiring is needed.  The device supports all major US/EU/ROW voltages and frequencies.

Capture high resolution traces for hours or even days with our powerful application suite and simple automation options.  Full access to all raw data is provided for your own post-processing.

When it comes to saving energy and improving the efficiency of products, energy data is key.  Quarch tools can provide you with vastly more data and in an easy to understand form.



  • Measure up to 3 AC/Mains devices
  • Monitor voltage, current and power, phase, frequency, power factor and more
  • Analyse data in Power Studio or direct to your own application
  • Powerful automation option for capture and analysis
  • Long term recording over hours or days


  • Support up to 400v AC
  • Supports 40-60Hz (and beyond)
  • Fused at 10 Amps
  • PoE powered or via 12v PSU
  • USB and LAN connectivity
  • 8KHz sampling rate
  • Fully calibrated



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