Power Analysis Modules

Real-world measurement for your system

A revolutionary and accurate way to characterize power in a specific environment, the Power Analysis Module (PAM) shows you the real-world interaction between your host system and the device under test.

Higher power interfaces and those with larger numbers of rails to monitor are no problem for the PAM to measure. With sideband monitoring also allowing a digital view into the interface, it offers a seamless and simple way to gather data on your specific system. 

The PAM is a great companion product to the Quarch PPM and Torridon Breaker product lines. Together with Quarch Power Studio, the tools together provide an extremely comprehensive and powerful way to record, measure and recreate physical layer faults.

The PAM offers:

  • Support for storage devices and a wide range of other products
  • Support for higher current and voltage rails than ever before
  • Direct analysis of the interaction between your power supply and device
  • Mixed signal analysis, with digital sideband recording now included
  • Smaller form factor for easy deployment

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