Gen5 AIC to U.2 Breaker Module

Gen5 AIC to U.2 Breaker Module

Part Number: QTL2813 / QTL2814

Product Details

Gen5 PCIe requires a rethink of test equipment configuration. Using Gen5 AIC to U.2 Breaker Module, you can test a U.2 drive directly from an AIC slot without any additional adapters or cables.

Perform full hot-swap and fault injection with the latest GEN5 PCIe SFF/U.2 drives.

The module has complete control over power, data (dual port) and present pins, allowing simulation of any possible hot-swap scenario. Pin bounce, individual signal control, and high-speed glitching combine. Consequently, you will be able to perform a much larger number of test cases. ‘Driving’ is available on some sideband pins. Rather than disconnecting signals, this allows additional tests to drive them high/low. The ‘+Triggering’ version has an additional MCX trigger IN/OUT to sync with external test equipment.

Power and control can be provided via USB or a separate QTL1260 interface kit.

  • NOTE: We recommend that this product be evaluated in your test environment before purchasing. 


  • Automate full hot-swap of a GEN5 PCIe SFF drive, direct from an AIC slot
  • Simulate failures, intermittent faults and more
  • Improve test coverage while decreasing duration
  • Ideal for bench testing, debugging, and evaluation
  • Scales from 1 to 100+ drive modules in a test system.


  • Supports U.2 PCIe SFF drives up to 32GT/s
  • Individual control over power, present, sideband and PCIe data signals
  • Driving and monitoring of selected sidebands
  • 1us timing resolution on all switches
  • 100ns pin-bounce resolution on all switches
  • 50ns PRBS or user-sequenced glitch pulses on all lines
  • Used standalone with USB control OR via a Torridon controller



This is the basic module


This version includes external triggering IN/OUT via SMA cables to allow connection to an external analyser or similar.

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