Gen3 x8 PCIe HS Card Module

Part Number: 
QTL1919 / QTL1920

Hot-swap, lane configuration, fault injection, signal driving and power injection automation for PCIe GEN3 slots

Gen3 x8 PCIe HS Card Module

Product Information

Fitting into a standard x8 PCIe slot, this PCIe module allows advanced, repeatable testing of PCIe devices. Controlled from the TestMonkey GUI or any standard scripting language, the module is simple to integrate into your test plan.

With full control over every active PCIe pin, you can perform:

  • Full hot-swap control of attached PCIe card
  • Individual control of all lanes, side-band, power and present pins
  • Glitching of any signals
  • Active driving of CLKREQ, PERST and WAKE signals
  • Power margining and measurement via an additional Power Module

This module comes with a 40cm interface cable and requires a separately purchased controller.


  • Independent control of every signal including each side of differential pairs
  • Programmable control over connection timing and pin bounce
  • Allows injection of power from an external source
  • Provides active driving of CLKREQ, PERST and WAKE signals

Technical Specification

  • Supports PCIe 1.0a, 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0
  • Supports x1 to x8 device cards
  • Vertically displaces device by 40.4mm
  • Requires Array Controller or Interface Kit

Product Variants


This is the basic module.


This version includes external triggering IN/OUT via SMA cables to allow connection to an external analyser or similar.

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