Handling Guide: Breaker Modules

Andy Norrie

Posted: 1st April 2019

By nature of the restricted space, Quarch breaker modules are difficult to protect, and have flexible cables that can be damaged. Luckily, we’ve released a document to highlight the most common failures and how to avoid them.

Most of our modules are still running after 5+ years of heavy use. However some customers do have a higher than expected rate of failures, so we’d like to share the best practice rules for storage and handling of our modules, to make sure they have a long and productive life.

As an example: the use of Kapton tape (or similar) to hold the flex cable down is a simple but effective way to avoid catching and damaging the cable as drives are inserted. This is especially useful in busy racks where not all engineers will be aware of the equipment!

Check out the document link below for the full details.

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