SSD Power Analysis

Performance capture has never been easier.

Does your drive meet the power spec? Can it handle power glitches and disruption, and beat the competition? Be sure with our award winning tools, and test reliability and sustainability early in the design process – when changes cost less. 

We support SSD power analysis  in all the latest form factors. With speeds up to Gen5 PCIe and SAS4 and the latest NVMe, CXL and OCP devices.

Plug-and-play fixture allow for rapid setup.  No current probes or custom wiring looms are needed.  Our powerful software and automation options ensure you can visualise and post-process data to best effect

Programmable Power Modules (PPM)

Our PPM both powers your device under test and allows a huge range of scenarios – such as power margining, power loss, brownout, glitch and more. With a PPM you can:

✔ Capture precise data about the performance of your drives

✔ Record over hours or even days, with full test automation

✔ Measure voltage/current/power consumption on both power rails

✔ Margin voltage rails, glitch, ramp, crowbar, brownout test and much more

Power Analysis Modules (PAM)

If you don’t need the power supply, then check out the PAM range. These tap into the interaction between host and device, allowing you to see exactly how the parts of the test system operate. With PAM you also get capture of digital sidebands!

✔ Support for storage devices and a wide range of other products

✔ Support for higher current and voltage rails than ever before

✔ Mixed signal analysis, with digital sideband recording now included

✔ Smaller form factor for easy deployment

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