SBB 2.0 Canister Module

SBB 2.0 Canister Module

Part Number: QTL1069

Product Details

Perform automated hot-swap and fault injection on SBB 1.0 and 2.0 Canister Controllers

This interposer module is fitted between the SBB canister and the backplane and allows precise switching of the power and low speed signals to the canister. The high speed lines are routed directly through allowing the canister to operate normally.

The canister can be electronically hot-swapped. Each line is connected at a set time (with pin bounce if necessary) allowing any possible hot-swap scenario to be tested.

Lines can also be manually mated and broken to simulate specific failures. This is ideal for creating bugged hardware and testing dual redundant components.


  • Automated hot swap of SBB Canisters
  • Test the effect of single/multi point failures
  • Diagnose and prevent hot-swap failures
  • Automate any test requiring plug/pull of canisters
  • Remove human error and variability during testing


  • 1ms timing resolution on all switches
  • 10us pin-bounce resolution on all switches
  • Requires Torridon Array Controller or Interface Kit
  • Individual control over power, management and inter-canister signals
  • SAS data signals are directly routed
  • Compatible with SBB 1.0 and 2.0 canisters
  • Displaces the SBB canister by approx. 80mm

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