Gen4 PCIe EDSFF E1.S Power Injection Fixture

Gen4 PCIe EDSFF E1.S Power Injection Fixture

Part Number: QTL2330 / QTL2565

Product Details

The Gen4 PCIe EDSFF E1.S Power Injection Fixture allows a Programmable Power Module to inject power into an E1.S EDSFF device.

This simple interposer sits behind a drive and allows it to be slotted into an enclosure as normal (though with a slight offset of the drive).

The ultra-thin flex cable routes out of the enclosure and can be connected to one of our range of Programmable Power Modules. You can now perform power margining and measurement of the drive while using it in its normal operating environment.


  • Connects a Power Module to a drive that is within its storage enclosure
  • Works with almost any standard drive.


  • Supports x4 drives up to GEN4 speeds
  • Supports Drives meeting the E1.S spec, up to x4 width
  • Offsets drive by ~45mm
  • 37cm flex cable to route out of the enclosure
  • Compatible with XLC and HD Power Modules
  • Supports auto voltage range selection on HD modules.



This is the basic version of the product


This is the ‘injection sync’ version, which monitors the host power and only switches the injected power to the drive when the host rail comes up.  This ensures the drive powers up at exactly the same time it would in the enclosure.  This is useful for drives that do not fully support hot-plug.


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