Quarch modules on display at Scottish Parliament

Jocasta Mann

Posted: 19th December 2019

Two Quarch products are on display as part of a collection celebrating Scottish products and manufacturers, currently exhibited in the First Minister of Scotland’s office at Parliament in Edinburgh.

Prior to this, our groundbreaking HD Programmable Power Module and our Gen3 PCIe HS Card Module were part of an exhibition of products at Scotland House in London. It’s safe to say we’re proud to have been shown off for this length of time and to continue for another year, in Scotland’s capital, makes for another great way to end 2019.

Quarch may have a global reach and our business travels take us far and wide – but we started small, and take huge pride and enjoyment in serving from our office in the Highlands… We hope it reinforces a message of opportunity and ambition, especially in places that are less known for housing industries like ours!

We wish everyone the best for 2020, when we’ll be back with more exciting news and testing products.


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