Introducing Quarch Compliance Suite: All-in-one testing software

Jocasta Mann

Posted: 10th October 2019

Good news for anyone needing to test their storage systems… If you’ve ever had to contend with manual hot-swap – or don’t have the specialist training to write custom test scripts – Quarch has released a new automation program that’ll do all of it for you.

Manual hot-swap or power testing for storage devices has always been a headache, costing time and money. Human intervention means imperfect scenarios, so it’s impossible to repeat 100% accurately (watch our video for an explanation of hot-swap).

Whilst all of our plug-and-play testing solutions are intended to be considerably quicker and simpler to operate than manual tools, Quarch Compliance Suite is a step further in terms of user-friendliness. Designed for anyone to operate, QCS comes with a UNH-IOL plugfest test suite for both SAS and NVMe devices, covering the foundations of hot-plug compliance testing. Coming in the near future will be a wide variety of further tests, such as power analysis – and we’ll be adding more and more test packages over time.

That’s enough writing for now – why not see it in action? Watch our demo video to find out more:

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