External PCIe Cable Module

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Perform automated cable hot-swap and fault injection on SFF-8644 based PCIe cables.

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Product Information

The External PCIe Cable Module is an automated solution for hot-swap testing and fault injection on external PCIe cables. Automation provides easier, faster and more detailed testing. Consistent, repeatable results reduce time to market and improve reliability. Cable conforming to the "PCI Express External Cabling Specification Revision 3.0" are supported

The Torridon System integrates into existing test setups. Enclosure manufacturers, RAID developers, and testing labs all benefit from improved test coverage. This enables engineers to work more efficiently, giving higher confidence and lower outgoing failure rates.

This module requires purchase of a separate controller.


  • Automate hot swap of an external PCIe cable
  • Create faults such as time-outs and data errors
  • Simulate intermittent faults
  • Improve test coverage while decreasing duration
  • Ideal for bench testing, debugging, and evaluation
  • Up to 4 modules can be rack mounted in 1U.

Technical Specification

  • Supports: PCI Express External Cabling Specification Revision 3.0
  • 1ms timing resolution on all switches
  • 10us pin-bounce resolution on all switches
  • 50ns PRBS or user sequenced glitch pulses on all lines
  • Requires Torridon Array Controller or Interface Kit
  • Individual control over power, management and data signals.

Product Variants


This is the basic module.

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