Gen5 EDSFF E1 breaker

Gen5 EDSFF E1 breaker

Part Number: QTL2925/KIT_E1 / QTL2892/KIT_E1

Product Details

Gen5 EDSFF E1 breaker performs full hot-swap and fault injection with the latest Gen5 PCIe E1.x drives.

The module has full control over power, data (x4 PCIe) and sideband pins, allowing simulation of any possible hot-swap scenario. Individual control of each signal, pin bounce and high-speed glitching combine to greatly increase the number of test cases you can perform. ‘Driving’ is available on some sideband pins, allowing a range of additional tests to drive signals high/low rather than just disconnecting them. The ‘+Triggering’ version has an additional MCX trigger IN/OUT to sync with external test equipment.

It is possible to use individual drive modules for simple bench testing. For automated storage enclosures, multiple units can be used.

Each drive module requires one port on a Torridon Controller.

NOTE: We recommend evaluating this product in your test system before purchase


  • Automate full hot-swap of a GEN5 E1 drive
  • Simulate failures, intermittent faults and more
  • Improve test coverage while decreasing duration
  • Ideal for bench testing, debugging, and evaluation
  • Scales from 1 to 100+ drive modules in a test system.


  • Supports PCIe E1 drives up to Gen5 speeds
  • Individual control over power, present, sideband and PCIe data signals
  • Driving and monitoring of selected sidebands
  • 1us timing resolution on all switches
  • 100ns pin-bounce resolution on all switches
  • 50ns PRBS or user-sequenced glitch pulses on all lines
  • Requires Torridon Array Controller or Interface Kit.



Basic version for E1 drives


Version for E1 drives with additional external triggering option

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