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Quarch Technology make the world’s most sophisticated yet easy-to-use test automation tools for data storage and high-speed interconnect products. We’ll support you in delivering the highest level of products and service to your customers across the globe, with our leading-edge technologies and innovative approach.

About Quarch Technology


“I set up Quarch to eliminate the problems of manual testing—its unreliability and its high cost in terms of time and money. My ultimate aim was to produce smart tools that automated the testing process, making it reliable, repeatable and fast. We’ve created a broad range of tools that allow you to test your products in ways that just weren’t practical with manual testing.”

Mike Dearman
Founder and CEO


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We are the top experts in automated testing in the data storage, networking and telecoms industries, with a world-leading reputation for quality and reliability. Our state-of-the-art technologies and innovative approach will give you a trusted partner in delivering the highest level of service to your customers with a truly global reach.

Meet the team

Andy Norrie, Operations Director

Mike Dearman, Founder and CEO

Julia Harkiss, Operations Manager

Steven West, Office Manager

Pedro Cruz, Project Manager

Tom Pope, Hardware Engineer

Keith Wolfthorn, Production Manager

Jocasta Mann, Marketing Co-ordinator

Kyle McRobert, Hardware Engineer

Setting the industry standard

With our proven technology and understanding of the storage industry, Quarch creates systems that are an essential part of any comprehensive test plan. World-leading silicon designers, drive manufacturers, RAID developers and system integrators all rely on Quarch products for their automated testing - while the NVMe Consortium Plugfest events actually mandate the use of Quarch modules as part of their compliance testing.