40 Port 6G HD SAS Switch

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With simple remote commands, you can now reconfigure your entire SAS test rack.

40 Ports of 6Gb SAS are operated by a cross-point switch, allowing physical layer connection and data forwarding.

40 Port 6G HD SAS Switch - Front
40 Port 6G HD SAS Switch - Rear
40 Port 6G HD SAS Switch - Cabled

Product Information

Operating as a full cross-point switch, any 6Gb SAS port can be connected to any other. In addition, part/all of a port can be forwarded to another 1 or more other ports on a lane-by-lane basis.

Test equipment can now be inserted and removed automatically from the signal path. Signals can also be forwarded simultaneously to both a scope and an analyser, with minimal effect on the signal.

The switch uses simple scripted control, from any standard Serial, Telnet or ReST client (or any standard scripting language). Equipment can be set up without having to visit the rack. This greatly speeds up testing and allows more complex over-night runs.


  • Automated connection between 40 interconnect ports
  • Signal forwarding, for easy monitoring
  • Automate test rack configuration
  • Multi user concurrent access (via ReST)

Technical Specification

  • 40x SFF-8644 Mini SAS HD Ports, configured as 20 1x2 connectors
  • 1.5 / 3 / 6 SAS
  • Data signals are redriven with a crosspoint switch
  • Individual lanes may be turned off to emulate link failure
  • Programmable amplitude, equalisation and pre-emphasis on each source port
  • USB, Serial and Ethernet control built in
  • 1U Height, with rack mounting kit

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