QCS licensing

How do I get a QCS license?

QCS is licensed and hardware locked to the PC which runs the client (Java GUI) side of the suite.  This means you need to choose  single PC which will control the tests.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Help->Settings->Licensing, or click the the ‘upgrade’ button on a test
  2. You’ll need to supply us with a hardware ID file. First, click the  “Generate” button.
  3. In your QCS launch directory, locate your hardware ID file.
  4. For us to generate your license, please email support@quarch.com or the reseller who is handling your purchase and include the following:
    • Your hardware ID file as an attachment
    • Type of license required
    • The company, registered name and an email address to which this license will be bound.
  5. Await our email response: This will contain your license file.
  6. Once you have this license file, re-open QCS and go to Help > Support > Licensing.
  7. To open the license file, click on “select new license”
  8. Hit the ‘validate’ button.


You should be prompted if the validation was successful. If so, restart QCS and the new license can now be used.

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