6G SAS LITE Drive Module

6G SAS LITE Drive Module

Part Number: QTL1215

Product Details

Automates power control, to allow hot-swap on 6G SAS/SATA drives. The 6G SAS LITE Drive Module provides basic (power only) hot-swap automation for 6Gb/s SAS/SATA drives. The module has full control over power and present pins, allowing automation of tests requiring hot-swap of a drive.

Drive modules can be used individually for simple bench testing, or multiple units can be used to automate an entire storage enclosure.

Each drive module requires one port on a Torridon Controller.


  • Automates basic hot swap of a SAS/SATA drive
  • Improve test coverage while decreasing duration
  • Ideal for bench testing, debugging, and evaluation
  • Scales from 1 to 100+ drive modules in a test system


  • Supports SAS drives up to 6Gb/s
  • Individual control over power, pre-charge and present pins
  • 1ms timing resolution on all switches
  • Requires Torridon Array Controller or Interface Kit

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