4 Port Torridon Controller

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Control up to 4 Torridon devices at the same time

4 Port Torridon Controller - Front
4 Port Torridon Controller - Rear
4 Port Torridon Controller - Cables

Product Information

The 4 Port Array Controller connects up to 4 Torridon modules to a system. Multiple Array Controllers can be connected together to allow larger numbers of devices to be tested simultaneously.

USB, Serial and LAN control options are provided, for easy integration with your existing test system.


  • Power and control up to 4 Torridon Control modules
  • Chain multiple Array Controllers for larger test systems
  • Greatly reduce cabling complexity
  • Control via ASCII terminal via Serial, Telnet or ReST
  • Programmable and updatable

Technical Specification

  • 4 Quarch device ports on the front
  • Link port to attach further Array Controllers
  • 12V DC supply
  • USB, Ethernet, Serial (DB9) connections
  • Rack mountable in 1U

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