The simple, fast and cost-effective way to test your storage devices

Testing your data storage system the manual way is complex, costly and time-consuming. We have a simple, automated solution.

To qualify your devices and analyze their performance, make sure you use the industry standard in physical layer testing with Quarch Technology tools.

Small but globally-serving, our award-winning team proudly supports the world’s top drive manufacturers, silicon designers, RAID developers, system integrators, telecommunications and network hardware suppliers. 


Smart tools for testing complex systems

Data storage

Test and qualify drives
Meet industry standards
Expand test coverage
Increase product quality

Systems integration

Trusted by global providers
Test complex systems
Validate fault detection and redundancy
Start small and scale up


Test networking and data centers
Verify latest generation interfaces
Perform physical layer interruptions
Automate easily
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From the smallest startups to the blue-chip leaders

Quarch Technology's automated test tools are easily integrated, saving you time and improving the accuracy of your testing. Our solutions are used by both small and large scale businesses across data storage, telecoms and networking - we match the fast pace of these industries by striving to remain at the forefront of automated testing, and supporting the latest cutting-edge interfaces. 


Hot-swap & fault-injection

Scalable, automated physical layer test systems for removable interfaces


Power testing

Advanced programmable power supplies with unlimited capture, designed for analysis of storage devices



Physical layer switching for fully automated rack configuration and re-cabling


FSB business award for Quarch

Quarch’s international reputation in the data storage and networking industries recently won them a prestigious award.

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New, robust flex cable designs

Introducing new, tougher flex cables—including an innovative version for external triggering on drive modules.

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Testing SFP28 & QSFP28 cables

Using the latest 25G/100G LAN or 32G FC links? Discover a simple way to automate physical layer testing.

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Power Studio for Linux & macOS

The latest version of QPS includes a range of performance improvements plus cross-platform support for Linux & macOS.

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Voltage stability control

Make sure output voltages at the devices you test are always stable—even under high load and with losses in cables/test fixtures.

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Automating QPS with Iometer

Automate QPS with Iometer to analyze and record power and performance data as part of a fully automated test.

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QuarchPy—easy Python automation

Our new Python package makes it quick and simple to automate any Quarch product.

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Quarch—a world-class exporter

What’s the key to Quarch’s impressive growth record in the data storage, networking & telecommunications industries?

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Scope v Quarch PPMs—see the results

Traditional methods of measuring power consumption versus cost-saving, time-saving, purpose-built tools.

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External PCIe Cable Module

Perform hot-swap and fault injection testing on devices using the latest external PCIe connection specification.

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