HD PPM to PCIe Module Power Cable Adapter

HD PPM to PCIe Module Power Cable Adapter

Part Number: QTL2052

Product Details

Allows an HD power module to inject power into a Quarch PCIe slot module

This simple adapter fits to the 10pin HD output cable, and adapts it for injecting power into a Quarch slot module (QTL1630/QTL1688)

When used with an HD power module, the output voltage range will set automatically.


  • Allows measurement and margining of PCIe slot devices (via Quarch Slot Module)
  • Automatically select 3v3/12v output range when used with HD modules
  • Compatible with XLC module, when used with the appropriate cable


  • 10pin MINITEK connector to HD power module
  • Output to Quarch PCIe Slot Module injection port
  • Auto ranges HD modules to 3v3/12v output mode

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