Gen4 U.3 to U.2 Adapter

Gen4 U.3 to U.2 Adapter

Part Number: QTL2251, QTL2555

Product Details

Convert a U.2 SFF drive to fit in a U.3 host for testing

This adaptor board allows standard U.2 drives to be used in a U.3 host, for test purposes.

The high speed signals are re-routed so the drive will work correctly on the host. Additional features include an optional flex cable to gain access to SMBUS for debug purposes.


  • Adapt U.2 SFF drives to a U.3 host
  • Access SMBUS for debug purposes


  • Supports U.2 SFF drives up to 16GT/s
  • Provides access to SMB_DAT and SMB_CLK via flex cable header
  • Removable headers to isolate SMBUS between host and device



Adapter board with SMBUS tap cable


Dual-port version

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