Gen4 U.3 to U.2 Adapter

Gen4 U.3 to U.2 Adapter

Part Number: QTL2251

Product Details

Convert a U.2 SFF drive to fit in a U.3 host for testing

This adaptor board allows standard U.2 drives to be used in a U.3 host, for test purposes.

The high speed signals are re-routed so the drive will work correctly on the host. Additional features include an optional flex cable to gain access to SMBUS for debug purposes.


Adapter board with SMBUS tap cable


  • Adapt U.2 SFF drives to a U.3 host
  • Access SMBUS for debug purposes


  • Supports U.2 SFF drives up to 16GT/s
  • Provides access to SMB_DAT and SMB_CLK via flex cable header
  • Removable headers to isolate SMBUS between host and device

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