Quarch Power Studio

Leading-edge power analysis with Quarch Power Studio

Capture realistic, reliable data about the potential performance of your drives in real-world situations: collect highly accurate power measurements while you’re running a range of workloads or performance tests on your drives.

Record data for an unlimited time, easily navigate through it, then zoom in to the smallest detail.
Share data with your team quickly and simply—annotate and export screen shots and trace sections.
View live scope traces of voltage, current & power performance. Measure features with high accuracy.
Examine a wide range of statistics, such as max/min/mean/RMS statistics over a write operation.

Quarch Power Studio at a glance

Tech overview

  • Java-based application
  • Built on the free Quarch Instrument Server (QIS) platform
  • Handles multi-gigabyte files
  • No additional drivers needed
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8 or 10 OS, Linux and macOS.


  • Record any length of power trace
  • Capture high-resolution data for detailed analysis
  • Annotate traces
  • Export screenshots and trace sections
  • Measure detailed features and view area statistics

Supplied free

  • QPS is supplied free with all XLC and HD programmable power modules (PPMs).
  • QPS extends the functionality, ease-of-use and speed of the PPMs, yet the combined package costs a fraction of alternative power testing set-ups that lack this wide range of features.

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