USB Testing

With the advent of USB 3, and now USB Type-C, testing new USB hosts and devices is becoming ever more complex. Quarch modules are simple to use and can automate much of your testing.

Automate multi-device testing

USB testing often involves repeated testing with multiple different devices. Our USB Physical Layer Switch allows up to eight devices to be connected at one time. These devices can be cycled through the host automatically, allowing multiple tests cycles to be completed before manual intervention is required. Our unique physical layer switching architecture ensures that the automated tests are directly comparable to manually swapping devices.

Now you can run thousands of device swap cycles without any manual intervention.

Speed up testing and expand your test coverage

Any test involving the insertion/removal of a device (hot-swap) can be fully automated. With individual switched control of every pin, we can guarantee fully repeatable test cases. The hot-swap timings can be precisely set to simulate fast and slow plugs or to test extreme corner cases. Additional features allow you to simulate pin-bounce, damaged connectors and intermittent failures. This can greatly expand your test coverage, leading to better quality products.

This form of testing is simply not possible by any other means. Even performing 1000 manual hot-plugs of a device is not certain to show up all the potential problems and, if you do find a failure, it will be hard to repeat.

Integrate easily

Quarch modules are very simple to automate from your favourite scripting language or automation tool. Modules can be controlled over USB, Serial and LAN, with simple examples and dedicated support from our engineers to get you started quickly.

What do Quarch users say?

Find out why test labs, drive reviewers and test equipment manufacturers use Quarch tools – read their comments here.

Arrange a free evaluation or a quote

Depending on your requirements, we can normally supply you with free evaluation kit for a short period of time. To apply, or to arrange a quote, email or contact one of our skilled regional resellers.

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