Power studio and Iometer automation

Quarch Power Studio (QPS) is a unique package for recording and analyzing the power consumption of storage devices. Using Quarch Programmable Power Modules with QPS, you can gain an order of magnitude more power data, and review it quickly and easily.

Automating QPS

Using Python, we have the ability to automate QPS. This allows you to gather data without user intervention. QPS also supports ‘arbitrary’ data: one or more additional channels of data from a user source, such as IO performance or drive temperature.

In this example, we use Iometer to drive traffic to a device and plot both power and performance as part of a fully automated test. This allows:

  • Multiple automated test scenarios to be run, and
  • A details analysis package to be created for later review.

FIO can also be easily automated, and a future application note for this is planned by the end of September.

Full example scripts are available for download, so you can run the Iometer samples on your own system or use the code as a basis for creating your own automated tests.


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